Gabriella Juhász , Head of HR Functional Center Learning & Development, Talent Acquisition – SIEMENS

“At the Hungarian Siemens group a Talent Program has been introduced with the utmost support from the top management.

We have selected Develor Consulting for the implementation of the first phase of the Talent program as a result of an open tendering process.

The first phase of the Talent program was complemented with a Development Center (DC) so that we would have further information – other than the result of the performance appraisal results – for the compilation of the individual developmental plans for our talents. The challenge for us and for Develor Consulting was not only to deliver a high quality DC, but it was also

  • to define tasks that would measure their talents according to the global Siemens competence system,
  • DC observers would be able to objectively evaluate the talents’ competences based on the noted behavior and the same criteria
  • to have as much information as possible by the end of DC that can be utilized for the individual plans

The course designer group and consultants of Develor Consulting Ltd. provided an excellent system in assessing our talents. Both in the preparatory phase of tasks and in making Siemens competences measurable, and during the DC itself and in giving feedbacks they have been customer oriented, flexible and professional in carrying out their tasks.

They implemented a high quality diagnostics methodology, which provided a result that exceeded our expectations.”