István Látos, Director – Denso

“At the beginning of 2011 the already running leadership developmental program has come to a new station. By top managerial expectation and HR plans, the continuation of the training program could only be carried on if it was based on a thorough and professional diagnostics. It was the middle management of the company that was at the focal point of this diagnostics and training program: Assistant Manager, Manager and Senior Managers, in total 53 people. According to the diagnostic results and of the individual consultations, we have experienced professional implementation in both quality and quantity from the consultants of Develor. Our special needs and requests were incorporated into the processes, and it is safe to state that we received meaningful, useful and tangible information. The consultants from Develor have been customer oriented, flexible, and have maximally taken into account our requirements and expectation throughout developing the questionnaires, in the delivery phase and in the evaluation as well.”