PhDr. Eva Schillerová, Recruitment and Training Manager, and Ing. Jozef Bundala, Director of Personal Management Department – Prvá Stavebná Sporiteľňa

“Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa has already cooperated with Develor on several development subjects. Again and again, we are getting convinced of their professional approach focusing not only on presentation of the given subject in trainings. We appreciate inspirational communication while preparing the trainings, delivery of the trainings, but also subsequent outputs and recommendations for the next steps to be taken.
In 2009 and 2010 we cooperated with Develor on training of our managerial staff to be ready for the assessor’s role in the framework of MbO launching in our company. We appreciate a lot the cooperation with Mrs Kinga Novotná and the trainer Mrs Martina Georgievová in the preparation of the trainings. During the first stage, they helped us to train the managers for ‘MbO goal setting’ for the team as well as for the individuals. In the trainings, Mrs Georgievová managed to make participants understand the principle of ‘goal cascading’ as well as to learn it using examples of their own practice. In the subsequent workshop, the trainer took the role of the host, helping the future assessors to discuss main issues, to answer individual questions and to unify different opinions and approaches. In the next training held just before MbO assessment interviews, Mrs Georgievová was practicing with the managers not only the preparation and realisation of the assessment interviews, but also speaking about respective stumbling blocks waiting for the assessors. After carrying out the assessment process in the company, Kinga Novotná and Martina Georgievová helped us to implement and to evaluate the MbO assessment process using a questionnaire for the assessors as well as for the assessed employees. Their tips, comments and survey outputs helped us to carry out changes that were subsequently implemented in our assessment system.
We appreciate Develor’s complex approach and seeing the things through to the end, their effort to evaluate the effectiveness of the cooperation being also commendable.”