Customer Experience

What is “Customer Experience (CX)”? Is it a term leading to creation of another managerial position “at C level” (CEO, CIO, in this case CXO)?

Or conviction that nowadays customers have more information, more possibilities and more power in a constantly changing world? The experiences they gain in each contact with your company enable you to distinguish yourself and be ahead of the others.


Nowadays customers can get information anytime and anywhere. They can even choose without directly contacting companies. This topic is really strategic for companies, which manage Customer Experience. It means much more for them than just work in the sales department or dealing with results of a mystery shopping.

Customer Experience is a strategic focus that covers each department of companies and requires a change in the organizational structure. It is a value with which people live every single day and it requires you to do something more for your customers whenever possible.

In DEVELOR, we think about customer experience expressly strategically. This is one of the reasons why we have invested time and effort into a yearly international CX survey, the results of which will help us improve our solutions and provide us with more detailed insight into this topic.

CXM is the next level of the CRM development

• CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business strategy, which seeks to show how you can satisfy the needs of the existing, as well as potential customers.
• CXM (Customer Experience Management) deals with specific interactions with customers and the sum of all experiences a customer has within all contacts with the company through all available communication channels. It seeks to develop a loyal and long-term relationship with the customer.
• According to a study of 2011 published in Bloomberg Business Week, in the next five years CXM will be a personal priority of 80% directors of the companies from the Forbes Global 2000 list. It is a reaction to the global economic slowdown, as well as to the increase of customers’ social activities. Currently we see this trend true.