The results of our CX Survey

The majority of leaders understand the Customer Experience topic as an important strategic focus. Thanks to this attitude companies like Apple, Amazon or Starbucks have developed a significant competitive advantage.

DEVELOR launched its international Customer Experience Survey in 2013. In 2014 the research is to be executed in 9 countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.

Three factors give this research a unique viewpoint:

  • Sector-independent, with the opportunity of sector comparison
  • Residential and corporate target groups, with comparability of responses
  • Online and personal interviews for deeper analyses

Research data:

  • The residential survey is fulfilled on national representative samples of 1200 people/country
  • Middle- and senior leaders participate in filling out online questionnaires and in-depth interviews

The main learnings of the DEVELOR Customer Experience Survey 2013:

CX hightlights picture

For further details read the extract of the study or contact our colleagues!

The summary results of other independent studies by Oracle, Harris Interactive and Forrester Research underlined our main findings as follows:

  • Satisfied customers would pay more. In return for a better Customer Experience, 86% of customers have confirmed that they would pay more, while most of them were young people.
  • Only 1% of customers feel that their expectations are consistently fulfilled.
  • 89% of people changed their brand after a bad Customer Experience. 50% of them “gave” the company only a week to correct the mistake.
  • Bad experience spreads fast. After a bad experience 26% of customers published a complaint on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Majority of on-line complaints were ignored by the company. It was confirmed by 79% of customers.
  • A reply makes wonders. 46% of people who received a reply to their complaint tended to “forgive” the company. 22% of them published a positive contribution of the company.